Portuguese cuisine is amongst the best in the world, and it’s in the heart of the Monchique mountains that you will find some of the finest local products from local farmers.

With this in mind, we welcome you to take one our Gastronomic Tours, during which you will be in contact with local people, learning about their products and how they are made.

The main products in Monchique are Honey, Medronho (local firewater made from the arbutus berry), Mushrooms, Chestnuts the Chouriço and a wide variety of Pork products. 

Our Serra is also host to both a wide variety of wildlife and flora, perfect for nature lovers. 

So what better than to combine all these qualities to present a selection of Tours, to show you all we have to offer!

Please note: Foodie tours must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

The Honey Tour

Visit a Bee Farmer;

Learn how money is made;

Honey tasting;

Transport to and from Monchique center.

The Medronho Experience

Visit to a local Medronho distillery;

Meet a local producer and learn how Medronho is made;

Medronho tasting;

Visit the Monchique Medronho shop (where you will see a wide variety of our Medronho);

Transport to and from Monchique centre.

The Bread Making Challenge!

Start by preparing your dough in the morning! Then leave to prove while you go and explore a local village and its surroundings…

Time to light the Alferce communal oven, then it´s time to knead your dough and make your bread…

Then relax, have a glass of wine and your bread will be ready for your picnic! (Pizza, olive bread, Rosemary bread, Chouriço bread, cumin seed, depending on the season). 

This tour includes:

Bread making work shop step 1;

Visit to the small village of Alferce;

Walking tour of Alferce and its Moorish ruins;

Bread making workshop step 2;

Pic-Nic Lunch (includes water, wine and soft drinks);

Transport to and from Monchique centre.

Walking tour

Discover Monchique

Our Discover Monchique tour is one of the best ways to learn about the true essence and history of our picturesque town from local guides. 

We will take you on a 1,5hour walking tour of the town, through our cobbled streets you will be able to visit the main Church, our Convent of Nossa Senhora do Desterro whilst learning all about the history and tales about the town.